WhereamIgoingto is a travel blog written by yours truly, a New York City fashion designer and travel enthusiast. My name is Richard Metzger, and I live my life combining the two things I love most: fashion and travel.


Through this blog, I hope to be able to give you a bird’s eye view of the wonderful cultures, colors, fashions and eccentricities the world has to offer. I am a seasoned traveler and fashion designer, and whatever time not spent on working or travelling is spent planning my next trip…that is when I am not busy planning trips for friends and family!


This blog not only offers reports and various cultures, customs and world fashion, it also includes helpful tips for planning trips, for travelling in comfort (and in style!) and for ensuring that travelers make the most of every destination. Guide books are great, but nothing beats experience when it comes to finding the little and ill-known gems that are hidden within each destination. You can rely on me to find the most interesting spots and events to please most any kind of traveler, and WhereamIgoingto is where I’ll share!


Everyone will find something of interest on this blog. This isn’t meant to be a blog for would-be or experienced travelers alone. Any reader who shares my passion for world culture and fashion will find here mind-blowing and exciting accounts of my travels, breath-taking photographs of locations around the globe and much, much more!


The world is full of colorful, interesting people and venues. Let me guide you through the wonderful experiences it has to offer with an open mind and discover the amazing people that make up our great big planet Earth. The world is indeed an oyster, and WhereamIgoingto features its many pearls.


I hope you enjoy perusing the site and reading of my discoveries and experiences. I strive to infuse as much of the thrill of travelling into this blog as I can, even though a written account of such exhilarating experiences is a poor substitute for actually being there and living the moment. Hopefully the photographs posted here will help the reader to dive head first into my world and catch a glimpse of its beauty.


I welcome comments and questions, as well! Use the contact page if you’d like to get in touch with me – I look forward to hearing from you.



12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Richard,

    How wonderful and exciting!!!!
    I wish you the best time and can’t wait to hear about all the different places!!!
    Your cousin,

  2. Hi Richard,
    It is Christines girlfriend Liz Granata and I want you to know that you don’t have to pay for me or anything like that, but I am going on this trip with you!!!!
    What a guy you are and I know you will have fun.

  3. What a fabulous opportunity! I will be following along and looking forward to reading of all your experiences over the next 4 months! And of course wishing you safe and happy travels! -Christine xoxo…

  4. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to travel along with you. Hope to see you when you travel through Chicago. I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s entry as well as daily for the next for months. Can’t wait to see the newest additions to your travel gallery wall next time I visit New York.


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