Where Am I Going?

So I’m off on yet another fashion adventure, after several decades of similar, thrilling fashion adventures. I’ve spent my whole career traveling the world, studying fashion and the beauty and grandeur that different cultures have to offer. I’ve combed the world for years in my endless, driven quest for knowledge. So the question that begs to be answered is, where am I going now?

I am headed on the absolute most exciting, free spirited adventure you can imagine. I’ll be traversing through Europe, hitting favorite spots such as St Tropez, Sitges, and Mykonos along the way. I’ll be invading new locales such as Budapest and Bratislava to, as well as many other secluded, hard to find fashion spots that I learn about along the way. I’ll dig up as many need to know places as I can find, sharing them and all of the fashion tips that I learn along the way with you, right here.

My itinerary is vast and glorious. From Europe, I’ll be taking off to a great bucket list destination, Cape Town in South Africa.  Then, just to mix it up and find all that I can find, I’ll be embarking on a fantastic Trans-Pacific cruise, setting out over the great blue seas from Los Angeles, finally arriving in that great Down Under hub, Sydney, Australia.

It will be four months of unparallelled adventure on a quest to amass more fashion knowledge than ever before. Before I complete this great, 4 month long fashion seeking odyssey, I will head up the Asian coast, directly into the hub of the creative thinking fashion capital of the Far East, Tokyo, Japan.

Along the way, I will be sampling spectacular new cuisines, seeing how the party shapes up differently in different parts of the planet, learning new perspectives as they change from country to country, and soaking in the individual sights and the unique style that each and every destination presents.

As I travel from the United States to Europe, the Far East, Africa and the South Pacific, I’ll be sharing all of the insight I gain right here, providing a one of a kind treasure chest of fashion knowledge. I’ll be sharing this spectacular journey with you, so you can see the sights I see, taste the foods I eat, and learn the wondrous culture that our planet has to offer.

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