• Paying Homage to the Queen!

    Los Angeles, California…I drove out to Long Beach today to embark my ship for my 21 day trans-pacific cruise to Australia!

    Permanently docked next to my ship is the grand Queen Mary! This historic seafaring vessel has become a hotel, museum, and tourist attraction. It truly is a beautiful ship that reminds me of the Titantic! Long and stately with its red funnels, this ship makes me nostalgic for the old days of cruising.

    There is a Princess Diana exhibit as well as an evening tour of ghost hunting aboard. I guess there were many deaths aboard during its years of service and those souls still haunt this grande dame!

    I imagine steamer trunks, immaculately dressed guests, and orchestras playing all night in its heyday! What a cool piece of travel history!





  • Zipping thru Tinseltown!

    Los Angeles, California…the entertainment capital is made of many distinct areas. Of course, Beverly Hills is known allover the world for its prime real estate and celebrity excesses…but, there is so much more to this city than that! I love West Hollywood and the surrounding Hollywood Hills and usually spend the majority of my time here…shopping, restaurants, and clubs predominate here and really give you a sense of the LA vibe .

    One of the thrills of any visit to Los Angeles is zipping around in a car, if you splurge for an over the top sport-car that’s even better! This town judges you by your car, so I guess my rented Corolla is definitely not earning me any fans or admirers!

    A trip through Beverly Hills and on through to the Sunset Strip gives me a glimpse of some of the beautiful old movie architecture that this town holds…the Chateau Marmont looms like a castle over Sunset Blvd and is an amazing place to celebrity spot! Further along on the way to Hollywood you see the Hollywood sign in the hills above and of course Mann’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd known for its stars with celebrity’s feet and handprints in the cement!

    For me the true star of the show is Fred Segal on Melrose Ave! This leaf covered shopping mecca is THE place to go…it manages to showcase the perfectly curated collection of the latest styles that speak to the West Coast look that always combines relaxed casual fashion and designer chic! I have been shopping here for decades and still get a rush pulling into the parking lot.

    LA is so different to NYC, but it’s a lot of fun because of that…thats why I always enjoy my time in Tinseltown!






  • Indulging in La La Land!

    Los Angeles, California…food is a huge part of travel and I luv FOOD! I arrive to beautiful warm weather in sunny California and eating one of my West Coast favorites is on my mind…IN-N-OUT burger!

    These have to be the best fast food burgers in the USA! Fresh toppings on a yummy meat patty with their own “special spread”. I am a total burger traditionalist…no cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes with crisp fries on the side! But it seems most people go for the double burger with cheese…but a simple burger is $1.95! Wow! What a deal!

    I sit outside and look up at the palm trees that line Sunset Blvd and I know I am in La La Land! This is a MUST on any trip out west!