Top Ten

Fashion is about enjoying life. It’s not just about clothing. It’s about food, it’s about culture, it’s about LIVING life to its fullest, its most glorious. On that note, I’ve assembled ten of the greatest travel moments you could ever experience. Perhaps you could compile a list of your own and compare. You might see a few that you want to add to your list, to enjoy and experience for yourself.


1. Perched cozily in the window of a Rio penthouse, watching  the most electrifying fireworks display to ever conquer the midnight sky as the colors erupt over Copacabana Beach on New Years Eve, while millions of people all dressed in white run into the ocean below.


2. Eating a decadent, sumptuous lunch, accompanied by perfect bellinis while surrounded by beautiful people at Club 55 in St Tropez, as celebrities pull up in their yachts to grab a coveted table.


3.  Enjoying the most delicious homemade Indian dinner at a local home inside the pink walls of the magical city of Jaipur in India. It gets no simpler, nor more exotic at the same time than this anywhere in the world.


4.  Dancing all night long, letting it all hang out to perfect dance remixes on the open, fresh air on the back deck of a cruise ship during a Mediterranean Gay cruise.


5.  Celebrating the multi-generational excitement of a boy as he becomes a man according to local culture at a Barmitzmah, but not just any Barmitzmah, one held at the centuries old Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, knowing that this was a special place that has meant so much to so many people for so many centuries.


6.  Standing at the base of a snow clad mountain as skiers pass by, completely exhilarated by their downhill ride in the chilly man made ski resort in a mall in the desert city of Dubai. Yes, Dubai in the desert, where temperatures routinely soar well over 100 degrees.


7.  Getting a mind blowing fortune read to me from a wise old man inside Wat Po in Bangkok, feeling as if this man knew more about me than I did.


8.  Soaring over the Grand Canyon in a small private plane, sitting right next to the pilot, taking in all of the grandeur of the amazing nature and the undefinable size and wonder of this place.


9.  Covering myself head to toe with mud in the Dead Sea, floating buoyantly in the salt rich, invigorating waters.


10.  Patiently roaming the Serengeti in an open air safari jeep, only to suddenly happen upon the elusive Black Rhino in all its glory, stunned by the prehistoric look of the rare beast, knowing that you’re one of the few people on the planet to ever be so close to it. Undoubtedly nature at its finest!







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