• A Day in Malta!

    Valletta, Malta…today we arrived at the walled city of Valletta on the small island country of Malta! Close to Sicily, the harbor approach into and out of the fortress of a city is magnificent. Yellow hued limestone rises from the Mediterranean setting a striking scene.

    Famous for it’s Maltese cross and a major part if the Crusades, Malta retains it’s historic feel and charm. I am drawn to the building facades with their ornate balconies and porches. These buildings look like utterly unique to this country and the whole place is a mix of Italian and French styles.

    The uniformed guards look very handsome as they patrol the palace. So much of the architecture has a military tone with canons and protective details. The best view is from the Saluting Battery where you can literally have a Birdseye view of the entire harbor enclosed within the fortress walls.

    For now I am just enjoying the view of this gem of a country.