Ready to go!

I am packed and ready for a new chapter in my life! Travel is calling my name…

What I know is fashion and style are not simply learned or attained by sitting around surrounded by the familiar, nor does it come to you from looking at fashion magazines saying “Oh this looks GREAT!” or “Super CHIC”…Fashion is a way of life.  It is a global statement about who we are, why we live, and a culmination of the greater flavours of life found around the world. A world of inspiration is out there!

Every day I look at my gallery wall of travel photos in my apartment and it reminds me of how I have traveled the four corners of the world.  I am consumed by the beauty, style, and culture that the world offers! Now I am ready to set out on my biggest adventure ever and I am chomping at the bit…

Stay tuned for months of “wow moments”! I am going to seriously add to that gallery on my wall and share it all with you!

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