My day in the sun!

After a late night and much needed sleeping in, the beach in Ibiza was calling my name…
Arriving in town around noon, I dont recognize it from last night…hardly awake, shops and restaurants are just starting to open for the day. You really need to get on a whole other time here!

A quick trip from town, Es Cavallet beach (or “playa” in Spanish) is the hip spot to chill. Blue water, soft sand, more gorgeous people (many nude!), and lots of sangria or cervezas(beer)! I am loving the parmesan spread, fresh bread, and delicious olives as I sip away at my Sangria looking out at the clear blue water with yachts pulling into harbor in the distance.
Gorgeous people frolicking in the sand add to the already gorgeous view!

There are beach chairs and umbrellas available and a restaurant serving up cold drinks and good food.

Aww…the good life in Espana!




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