Lessons learnt the hard way!

I am so ready for a few days of chill beach time! I have learned this important trick the hard way when planning any trip…I always intersperse some chill time amongst all the sightseeing! I know people forget that a vacation is just that and they make this mistake and their trip becomes more like work than the fun it should be. I see tourists who are constantly on a treadmill of sightseeing all they can cram into the trip…DON’T DO IT!

Oh and don’t overpack! I am guilty as charged! I am the worst and I am so sorry because I am lugging 2 roller bags up and down train station steps, along cobblestone streets, into small elevators, etc…I wanna look cute but I needed some serious editing! After years of doing this, my love of fashion always wins out over practicality and I bring all these outfits and shoes that I never wear…

I have discovered those vacuum travel bags that allow you to roll out the excess air, sorta vacuum packing your clothes…they help alot with bulky items. You can buy them at the Container Store. I never travel without a power strip; there are never enough outlets in rooms and this allows you to use 1 adaptor in order to plug everything into.

Luckily, Europe is very WiFi connected…but TURN OFF your roaming! It’s crazy expensive!! I travel with an unlocked IPhone and buy prepaid data micro sim cards in each country that allow me to call and stay connected! The ability to use google maps to get directions and navigate in new locales really comes in handy…

Ok, time to drag these bags again…Sitges here I come!

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