Gone Fishin’!

Gythios (Gythion),Greece…Anchored at this tiny port in the Peloponnesos, today is a scorcher with temps above 100 degrees!

This sleepy fishing village seems like what Greece was like years before mass tourism. A bit worn and shabby, the waterfront is full of stucco buildings set again a hilly terrain. The harbor is littered with fishing boats that earlier brought in today’s fresh catch…I loved seeing the fresh caught Octopus left hanging in the sun to dry like a load of newly washed laundry.

You know you are in Greece by the crystal clear waters that are like an aquarium surrounding you. This isn’t a place of big sights, pulsing nightlife, or travel guide must-sees; rather a glimpse into the simple life…
relaxing at a waterfront cafe, listening to stories from locals, and soaking in the slow pace. Of course, indulging in the freshest of seafood and delicious Greek delicacies is a must.

I happened to stumble into the gallery of a local artist along the waterfront…I enjoyed his enthusiasm for this place and he gave me a few pointers…he told me the beach at Skoutari is one of the most lovely in the Peloponnesos.

It’s been proven time and again this trip, that there are design moments to be found in unexpected places…a cafe along this stunning waterfront had the most interesting perforated “Tyvek” like tarp used for shade…Now where can I get one for my roof deck?

For now, I am chillin’ like the locals until tomorrow, which will find me ready to soak it all in at a new spot!






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