Don’t mess with Mother Nature!

Nature can be so mysterious & magical…thunder, lightening, threatening skies force you to appreciate the beauty and enormity of the environment around us!

As evening came, we were sailing towards Greece and right through the most amazing electrical storms raining down from the heavens. Nature’s fireworks were on full display…the sky parted and streaks of light filled the horizon as we went from day to night. The seas remained calm as the clouds clamored with the loud thumps of thunder and lit up with an electric show of epic proportions. This was better than any special effects Hollywood can manufacture, this was an Oscar award worthy performance that came from a higher power!

Storms can be menacing, but I couldn’t stop from staring at Mother Nature’s triumphant display on the open waters of the Adriatic! As the seas gently rocked me to sleep, I had a greater respect for what she can create and at the same time remained in awe of her brilliance!



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