Sporty Fun!?!

Ionian Sea, Greece…Water-sports afternoon! The ship’s water-sport marina opened today for some adrenaline charged fun…

I know this is probably a bad idea! When did I become sporty? I am in Greece, so this is my ode to the Olympics! I just had to partake… So, I signed my life away and got my neon bracelet signaling I was allowed to indulge in the fun.

Canoe? No! Wind sail? No! Paddleboat? No! Banana boat? No! Today’s stupid move is me (uncoordinated fashion designer and city boy) donut tube riding on the choppy open seas! We will refer to these moments as temporary insanity…

I got nervous on the boat ride out to sea and I wasn’t even in the tube yet! I had been stripped of my glasses, my hat, my fashion accessories prior to getting on board this dingy! They strapped me in a fat life vest just to make me look extra cute…

Luckily, I was second to go, my fellow passenger was up first! He clumsily got in the tube and then I watched him get thrown about like a rag doll! I keep telling myself that I am not chickening out! My turn comes and I sit in the tube and I felt secure as my ass was wedged into that thing…off we went and my legs went straight up in the air and I rode the whole way squealing with head in the water and feet in air clenching the handles thinking any minute I was flipping off!

I made it!!! I stayed on!!! But my wrists are killing me!!! This coulda turned out very differently but I persevered and I did it!




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