Greek Oasis!

Elia Beach, Mykonos, Greece…yesterday I decided to try Elia Beach, Mykonos’ longest and most acclaimed stretch of sand. It’s less of a party beach and more a chill and swim spot…

Another bus day, Elia is simpler to get to with a direct bus, no water taxi needed! The ride was uneventful but pulling up at my destination turned out to be the main event…the long sandy beach, plush loungers set under grass umbrellas, and astonishingly clear water told me today was going to be another good day! I can really get used to this!

The left side of the beach is straight and the right is gay…neither exclusively but predominantly. I spent hours doing NOTHING! Of course, more gawking at beautiful people, swimming for hours, and just sleeping in the shade of my woven grass umbrella…there is a beautiful restaurant as well, but why leave my spot, I’ll be decadent and order “in”! The service was so friendly and the plate of fresh summer watermelon hit the spot! I am not sure how I am ever going to leave this…






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