Meat & Potato Time!

Prague, Czech Republic…Bye Bye Beach hello historical city of beautiful sights! After arriving from Greece, I made my usual stop for a local SIM card for my iPhone and I was ready to get oriented…no list, no agenda, just roam! It was a heatwave of 90 degrees and it’s sweltering and the Czechs are not used to heat like this!

It’s overwhelming as I look around and see the sights, the churches, the arches, the cobbled walkways, the beautiful squares in every direction. Like a Renaissance painting or a Shakespearean movie set, Prague is a real step back in time. I took in the charm of old town and was shocked by the number of small museums for every imaginable thing; chocolate, torture, you name it.

The Mediterranean diet I have been enjoying is definitely gone; usher in the potatoes, sausages, and gravies! I love Potatoes and never met a pork product I didn’t like! But the heavy Czech cuisine is meant to balance a lot of beer drinking, which I do not do…In one of the squares, a fair is set up selling traditional Czech food and I zero in on a traditional dish of potato gnocchi like dumplings, cabbage, and ham mixed like a salad! Eureka! Three things I LOVE! The feast begins…it’s really good but super filling on a hot day!

I finished my walk by crossing the majestic Charles Bridge and then realize I am on sensory overload! Prague is mesmerizing and tomorrow I will refocus to make sure I don’t miss something that today’s aimless roaming may have overlooked!







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