Party Boat!

Prague, Czech Republic…last night was fun! I heard about a once a month party that was supposedly great and it happened to be last night…pays to talk to locals!

This time the party was aboard a barge/river boat on the Vltava River that winds thru Prague; it promised a DJ and fun under the stars…I thought this would be a cool way to see Prague from a different vantage point and get a feel for how the Czech party!

I loved the view, but didn’t realize it was going to get so chilly…I have spent over a month over-dressed and now I was suddenly under-dressed! The boat traveled up the river and we passed some other boats, waving and shouting at one another. Once the crowd had sufficiently drank enough beer, they were ready to party! I was happy just watching the sun give way to a still full moon and traverse from viewing castles to seeing nothingness! But the music was starting to blare and party was getting going…

The DJ promised a 70’s lineup accompanied by a live saxophone player…well, the DJ looked like he was probably born after 1990, so that explained why he really played early 80’s hits; it was before he was born so he didn’t know the difference! It was great fun! The boat got it’s groove on for over 4 hours!

At one point, we got to a place in the river where there was a dam and we had to enter a sort of “panama canal” to raise and lower the boat to the correct water level…

Arriving back to a lit up Prague at midnight was magical! The sights took on a whole new look at night…I really recommend viewing the sights both during the day and night…what an amazing evening I had!

It’s great doing things unplanned…go with the flow and get your party on wherever you go!







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