Carb Loading!

Krakow, Poland…my first day in Poland was met with Fall like weather! 50 degrees and periods of pounding rain sent a chill down my spine…I definitely felt that summer had escaped and I was in shock…this is going to take some getting used to…

The town’s main focal point is the huge market square with the massive cloth hall market in the center of it all and flanked on one side by the exquisite St. Mary’s church. The largest square in Eastern Europe, it is something to behold…Ornate and colorful frescos fill the domes and steeples of the church and cafes and vendors flood the square.

Polish food is in my bones, so I was overcome sampling it all…bread, potato pancakes, pierogis! Yum! I even scored a new accessory: the bread necklace! A statement in carbohydrates!

Wawel Castle was a trip back in time…to the royal period in Poland’s history. It was as if I entered the “knights of the roundtable”, who knew this existed in Poland! Highly opulent and grand in scale, even after weeks of castles, I was impressed!

Even in the rain, crowds were out in full force and nothing could cloud the surprising beauty of Krakow!






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