Old School Travel!

Budapest, Hungary to Krakow, Poland…train travel is commonplace in Europe and I wanted the full experience, so I took one of Europe’s famous overnight trains!

We all have heard the stories of train bandits, pickpockets, and train drama, so I chose a private “couchette” or cabin in the sleeping car. I purchased the ticket for around $100 from a travel agency in Budapest and it was very easy! I had dreams of the Orient Express, but I tried to keep my fantasies in check…

Train #360 left Budapest’s Keleti station at 8:05 pm and the journey takes over ten hours, arriving in Krakow at 6:50 am. The train split midway through the night and the back part goes to Berlin. I am not sure how they do it, but they do! I fell sound asleep by the train’s rocking, so not even sure when this all occurred.

It was like going back in time, as I rolled my luggage through the grand station, a uniformed conductor greeted me and escorted me to my freshly appointed cabin. White crisp sheets, pillows, and a duvet with complimentary snacks were awaiting…I am smitten with the whole experience! As the train pulls out of the station, I hang out of my window channeling some old black and white movie…except no one is chasing after the train like the classic scenes we all have seen many time before! I felt very safe in my cabin and comfortable, after a few videos on my IPad, I settled in for a night’s sleep…

The morning is greeted with coffee or tea served once again by the friendly conductor. My neighbors are also tourists and you can see the look of satisfaction on all our faces, as we have just experienced this novel mode of travel!

This worldwide journey has been a trip of firsts…this first will not soon be forgotten!






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