Three Coins in the Fountain!

Rome, Italy…I love Roma! History at every turn…this city is sensory overload for any history buff or anyone who appreciates amazing antiquities!

After arriving from Poland, it was off for a delicious Italian meal! I got my fix of Artichoke salad (Carciofi) and Bucatini pasta (large hollow spaghetti)…nothing can compare to homemade food in Italy. Delicious!

A stroll past The Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps lets me know I am in Rome…I have been here in the Eternal City a dozen times, but I still get excited by the magnificent Trevi Fountain! It’s an iconic symbol of this city and regardless of the hordes of people, it’s still mesmerizing!

I won’t be here long but I am trying to soak up all the Roman grandeur I can…every time I am here I stroll upon some never before seen ruin…the riches of Roma are always a travel wow!





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