Volcanic Eruptions!

Santorini, Greece…this volcanic island in the Cyclades is today’s day- long stop…our ship is anchored off the coast and the choice of either cable car or mule ride up the hill to the town of Fira awaits us. I think everyone knows the cable car wins… It’s a brutal 90 degrees and can’t imagine what those poor mules smell like!

The town is wall to wall tourist shopping, which I quickly pass…We head to the main square to find transport to the beach.

Today is beach day and the choice of black, red, or white sand beaches is today’s big decision. We opt for black sand of Perissa and take the public bus in order to get there! Black volcanic sand is tough on the feet and is very HOT!

Greek music is blaring from the restaurant and the clear waters are lapping at our feet…oh Greece, you really know how to spoil someone!







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