Surprise Makeover!

Kusadasi, Turkey…after arriving at this Turkish port which is the gateway for Ephesus, I needed some personal maintenance! I was desperate for a haircut…

I found a cool looking local yet random barber and had no idea what I was in for! I guess I shoulda known it’s Turkey and everyone here is like a carpet salesman…always trying to get you to spend more money…I can be brave and stupid at the same time!

No sooner did I sit down that I ended up with an oxygen head conditioner, a facial mask, nose hair and eyebrow trim, and the frightening ear hair burn!

My friend Jeff got roped in too…the barber pulls out a mini torch and literally burns the hair off your ear! What!!?!! It was crazy! You can hear the hairs singe under the flame!

An hour later I have had the full service and a bill to match! At least I got the trim I needed and a whole lot more!

Experiences in travel…funny stories that create lasting memories!



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