Wild Kingdom!

Cape Town, South Africa…I set out today to further explore on a day trip to Cape Point outside of Cape Town. Along the way, the day unexpectedly turned into a zoo of sorts!

I encountered some of the famous and adorable wildlife of South Africa! I started the day with a boat ride from Hout Bay to Duiker Island, better known as Seal Island…This island showcases a large colony of Cape Fur Seals! They are so cute to watch as they play and knock each other off the rocks into the sea and then warm themselves under the African sun.

A further drive out of town and I stopped at an Ostrich Farm…they look harmless but supposedly they can be dangerous! But they frolicked and posed for my camera. Later, I even spotted a wild Ostrich feeding along a beautiful stretch of coastline…

On the way to Cape Point, the van was besieged by aggressive Baboons looking for food! They crawled on cars and stubbornly stopped traffic by blocking the road. It’s hard to believe these clever yet funny looking creatures can really cause so much havoc!

I was startled at the Cape of Good Hope by a creature that was so effectively camouflaged to the rocks that he snuck up on me, almost causing me to tumble off into the sea in total shock! I still don’t know what this opossum looking animal is…

Finally, a stop at Boulders Beach to see the African Penguins! They are a unique breed of Penguins because they make a donkey like sound that has earned them the nickname “jackass penguins”. They mate for life and are monogamous, and they can usually be seen in pairs!

Nature is an incredible thing…both the beautiful vistas and unique species of all kinds that make up this wonderful world!












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