Creature of Habit!

Paris, France…I have travelled to Paris yearly for decades and of course I have “my places”!

I have done this trip on business so many times that I have an automatic itinerary and route I follow. I can cover this city in under three days like a true pro!

This time my trip is more relaxed and I don’t need to be so thorough…I am taking my time and just hitting my absolute favorites and by going off course I hope to discover spots I may have overlooked on previous visits!

But there is one habit that I cannot break…lunch or dinner at Chez Andre! It’s a must, I don’t feel I have been in Paris if I have not been here. I have brought many people here and introduced them to this charming French bistro near the Champs Élysées. I was introduced to it on one of my first trips in 1990 and have returned religiously ever since! I have years of memories logged at this place shared with various friends and colleagues over the years.

Chez Andre dates back to the 1930’s and I love the very Parisian waitresses in their black uniforms with starch white collar and matching apron. Several of these ladies have been here as long as I have been indulging in their delicious French fare!

I start with a delicious kir royale, then either the amazing lentil salad or goat cheese salad, of course accompanied by to die for bread and fresh butter..but the “piece de resistance” for me is the steak tartare with a side of pommes frites! Oh la la! Yum Yum! Today I skip desert, but the tarte tatin is heaven…

Some habits die hard and this French tradition is going no where! I look forward to returning to Paris soon along with another amazing meal at Chez Andrez…





10 thoughts on “Creature of Habit!

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  2. Liz…Richard is definitely never normal and he has been driving me crazy for 44 years! LOL But…I have had the pleasure of indulging in that Paris trip a couple times before, so I can’t complain! Too bad I couldn’t make it this time! At Chez Andre in spirit! Paris is one of my favorite cities in the world!!! Hopefully, I can join next time!

    Richard…I think Liz is wondering how you will ever get back to working after all this fabulous travel! LOL

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