Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Bali, Indonesia…Ubud has an aura…the spirituality and respect for nature is evident everywhere you go here! Animals feature predominantly in Hindu beliefs and statues abound of every kind of animal…

I love Monkeys! The Balinese do too and there is a Monkey Temple inside Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest! I had to visit these mischievous cuties in their habitat…

The Monkey Forest is swarming with a huge population of monkeys and they are smart enough to know that visitors come bearing gifts…BANANAS!

They are relentless and will stop at nothing to get a banana…jumping on you, trying to steal your bag, go in your pocket, you name it…all in the name of scoring a tasty banana! You can’t outsmart these feisty animals!

I think they are too cute, others are scared to death! I had them crawling on me, jumping at me, hissing at me, and following me to get one of the bananas I kept in my bag! They really can jump like no body’s business! I almost got bit by playing too hard to get…

I am a Monkey in Chinese astrology and have always had a kinship to these animals and they never cease to fascinate me!

This place is their sanctuary and they get what they want! I was playing by the monkey’s rules today!





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