• Karma is a Boomerang!

    Prague, Czech Republic…My sister told me a story that I never heard before. It was the story of a good deed someone had done for me…

    In 2003 I became very ill; I was hospitalized for 3 weeks and near death and I desperately needed amazing healthcare and a miracle! Obviously I got both!

    At the time, her friend visited The Church of our Lady of Victory in Prague and arranged a mass in my name. It is believed the church houses an icon with the power to perform miracles, the icon is of the infant Jesus…the statue is dressed in a changing wardrobe of ornate vestments and religious pilgrims come the world over to pray to it for miracles. Even Pope John Paul II kneeled at the statue’s feet during his visit to Prague.

    I am not overly religious, but believe in karma. Someone does good to you, you repay that goodness if you can. In this instance I can! This isn’t a religious quest for me, it’s a pilgrimage of good karma.

    I didn’t think I was going to find the church, I went to two other churches by mistake before finding the correct one. I am great at directions, so was my getting lost TWICE some kind of sign? I did not waiver, I was more determined than ever to find it! Sore from walking, I finally came upon the simple facade of the church!

    As I walked through the church I saw the statue and stopped. I proceeded to tour the church…as I walked, suddenly from nowhere a priest called out to me! I did a double take! Me? He stopped dead in his track mid-conversation to talk to me…
    “where are you from, my son?” I responded and he said he too was there last year while visiting New Jersey. He proceeded to place his hand on my shoulder and said “welcome” and walked away. The crowd was stunned and looked at me like some kind of ghost! A few chuckled nervously…

    A bit overwhelmed by that, I found the English version of the prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague Shrine and knelt to pray, wishing success for that good samaritan that prayed for me.

    Karma is an important force, I know this for sure…it works beyond religious beliefs…I may refer to it flippantly but it’s a principle I adhere to!