• Un-Orthodox Inspiration!

    Old Town Corfu, Greece..luckily we stayed in port late tonight…after a nice Greek dinner, a stroll thru Old Town was a welcome way to work off a few calories. The town starts hoping late, as Greeks eat dinner well after 10pm…

    Hearing the sounds of singing, I could see a little Orthodox church (the hieroglyphic Greek writing doesn’t allow me to make out the name) alive with people and glowing with plenty of candlelight. Inside, a choir was caroling some Greek songs as bearded men clad in heavy black robes looked on. The ornate tiny church housed a brilliant display of religious vestments that dated back over century. The sophisticated brocades, subtle metallic colors, and intricate trims held inspiration for something totally modern. I need to ponder this surprise fashion moment…

    Lighting a candle as we left, we took a final walk through the crescent moon lit town and bid goodbye to another enchanting port on this journey!







  • The Accidental Tourist!

    Corfu, Greece…I was ready for a calm beach day at one of Corfu’s fabled beaches…the sky was a mix of sun & clouds, but the temp was a comfy 84 degrees and I hoped that rain would stay away for the afternoon.

    I made a deal with a local taxi driver to chauffeur us to an amazing beach for an afternoon of swimming and eating. I knew I had to be clear what I expected…NO TOURIST TRAPS! Well he emphatically suggested Paleokastritsa. Ok, we made the trek…pulling up to the beach, I see hordes of swimmers and a sandy stretch that was plastered with sunbathers and I knew I got EXACTLY what I DID NOT want! I protest and this charming Greek man assures us he has the perfect taverna for lunch….we arrive and I see a row of TOUR BUSES! OH NO! I turn into a bratty whiner and say I need him to take us elsewhere, I knew this was a place he probably gets a kick-back for bringing unsuspecting tourists! I was not about to be branded a willing participant to this game!

    Off to Glifada we go…winding thru the mountainside, he makes one hair pin turn after another. As soon as we start the corkscrew final descent to the beach I am green with motion sickness and start dry heaving in despair! Was this his way of getting back to me for being so difficult and spoiling his plans? Just as I think I am gonna loose it, we arrive and I sprint to the bathroom.

    Well this locale is a much nicer long stretch of sand beach dotted with umbrellas and snack spots. Feeling better, we settle at a local no-frills Taverna beachside and feast on a delicious homemade Greek lunch! Greek salad, Tzatziki, Pastichio, and Spinach pie is laid out on the cheesy “Welcome to Corfu” tablecloth. There is nothing like fresh Feta or the ever present taste of nutmeg in Greece! Total Bliss!

    Another reminder that the success of any excursion lies in you remaining in control of your own destiny…going with the flow is good but don’t be trapped by tourist ploys! Always strive for extraordinary adventures!20120724-145705.jpg20120724-145741.jpg20120724-145810.jpg20120724-145901.jpg