• Making Memories Last!

    New York…I am settling back in after my long trip. I am not big on souvenirs, but I did bring back some items from my travels that I would like to incorporate into my home!

    First, my distant relative in Poland gave me a handmade linen and then I bought some South Pacific mud cloths…I decided to frame these memories and make them part of my NYC loft decor!

    Now I can remember my trip everyday when I see these cool DIY decorations!




  • A Bit of Deco!

    Warsaw, Poland…I am enjoying my stay in this city and a large part is due to the little gem of a hotel I discovered. I am staying at Rialto Boutique City Center in Warsaw. It is located in a central location yet set back from the bustling city streets in a quiet residential neighborhood.

    It’s a fully restored Art Deco masterpiece! Amazing woodwork, period built ins, and lots of chrome! Everywhere you look you see an amazing historic touch. Even the light switches are period black turn knob style and thermostats look like chrome clocks. I always prefer boutique hotels over large chain hotels that lack uniqueness and charm; the sense of history married to modernity is terrific! It’s a total high to discover these kinds of undiscovered gems. Plus, this 5 star stunner was under 60 US dollars a night! What a steal!

    The sun is out, the city is at my feet, and I am living in a utterly memorable place! Life is good!