• In Transit!

    Au revoir France, hello Middle East! I left the beauty of the South of France and I am headed to Cape Town, South Africa! En route, I have an overnight layover in Doha, Qatar…it’s a long haul down to furthest tip of Africa, so breaking up the voyage makes it interesting! I always believe making travel a true adventure of discovery…so getting to see my transit point is cool.

    I love the Middle East…its so mysterious and different from other places. Some people are intimidated by the swarthy looks and natural aggressiveness, but I find it fascinating! The intricate decor, the bustling souks, the local dress…I marvel how out of a desert can rise this mirage of modern architecture! even the most modernist high rise still retains some connection to Arabic style…the Doha Tornado tower is a vision of a hip futuristic building!

    This is a quick stop but it’s fascinating to get a dose of the Middle East…amazing meze and a city creating a new history for itself!