• Warm & Toasty!

    New York City…it’s getting colder as Christmas approaches and I re-birthed an old favorite of mine! Years ago, I started “Full Needle”…a collection of colorful luxury hand knit cashmere booties!

    They were an instant hit and I counted Oprah amongst one of the many devotees of these perfect cozy booties to snuggle by the fire in! I had knitters making hundreds for Oprah to send to her celebrity friends!

    When another friend opened a cool store in Springfield, Missouri named Shipley and Salvage, a lightbulb went off and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to relaunch Full Needle just in time for the holidays!

    These booties remind me of my childhood and were inspired by the acrylic ones my mother used to hand knit for me as a kid! Now they have matured into true luxury in thick sumptuous cashmere!

    Get a pair, you’ll be hooked!

    Shipley and Salvage
    2005 C East Kearney Street
    Springfield Missouri

    ***you can always order by phone: 417 569 6968

    Get cozy this winter!!


  • I can’t live without…

    Parga,Greece…looks like a Greek Island but it’s on the mainland along a lovely stretch of the Ionian Sea. After a rocky night sailing through some crazy seas, we arrived.

    Today was low key…sailing the coast and then a wander round town. I won’t focus on my continuous bragging about the beautiful water as I think it’s clear how amazing Greece’s beaches & seas are by now!

    Yesterday my own stupidity took center stage, today the stupid souvenirs being sold allover town really took it’s toll…what is this crap? Who buys it? Why was it made? What does it have to do with Greece?

    I saw a crazy amount of phallic symbols, silly tees with dumb sayings on them, and more magnets than any refrigerator should ever hold! Is a penis bottle opener, a Parga Raggedy Ann doll, or a carved wood dog’s head shoe horn a necessary take away from my Greek holiday? Are these gifts I can’t live without? I don’t think so, but if anyone wants one I am happy to do my part reviving Greece’s economy buying them!