• Walk on the Wild Side!

    Sydney,Australia…it is amazing being able to open the shades of my hotel room windows and look out at the iconic symbol of this city!

    The weather is definitely unpredictable…sunny to cloudy to showers to clear and back to pouring rain all throughout the course of one day!

    I ate lunch at the chic version of a food court at the Opera House and then it was ferry time to view some Australian wildlife!

    It’s only a short ferry ride across the harbour to reach the Taronga Zoo. It was a rocky ride past the Harbour Bridge as the wind whipped intensely and the water was full of whitecaps!

    I was anxious to visit the Koalas…besides the general entrance fee, the zoo offers a one on one experience with these famous outback animals for an additional charge! These cute creatures sleep ALOT and they don’t like to be awoken…I have had an almost disastrous run in with a Koala years ago at this same zoo when I accidentally got too close and woke him up! I was determined to have a better encounter today…

    It was great! Besides the many sleeping Koalas curled up in the trees, one adorable girl had just finished eating and posed for me happily!

    The zoo has a nice walkabout design so you feel close to the non dangerous animals…I was next to kangaroos, wallaby, and red kangaroo! I topped it off with a great guerilla as well as amazing sea lions swimming, obviously these two animals are viewed through glass!

    The Taronga Zoo is an unforgettable experience and the view of the entirety of Sydney just adds to it’s immense appeal!