• Beach Paradise!

    Kohala Coast, Hawaii…a drive across the Big Island and I reached a little strip of Paradise!

    The drive goes from the verdant lushness of rain soaked Hilo to the sunnier drier coast near Kona!

    I find my spot at the beach next to the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel for a beautiful day in the sun! There is nothing like the beaches in Hawaii…warm blue waters and a wide expanse of sand! The sound of water lapping against the shore!

    Uncrowded, this beach ,like all the beaches, are public; yet I feel like a castaway who has discovered a slice of heaven!







  • My First Taste of Hawaii!

    Hilo, Hawaii…after a long 4 days at sea, we arrived at land…the Big Island of Hawaii! The port of Hilo is on the island’s rainy side and the rain greets us as expected…but soon the clouds part and the sun makes its appearance.

    After getting back on land, I walked around the sleepy hippie town of Hilo. Vintage clothing, local crafts, and shops of healers fill the old town…the pace is relaxed and slow and many of the locals have a very laid back hippie meets surfer vibe!

    The sunny side of the Island is the Kona side…so, I make a deal with a local taxi driver and we head out on the hour long drive to other side of the island!

    The driver introduces me to “Malasadas”, an island delicacy! Yum! These Portuguese sweet bread donuts are AMAZING! Fluffy and light yet sweet, with a light coating of sugar…a real treat!

    Hawaii is a unique mix of local culture infused with influences of Philippine, Japanese, and Portuguese immigrants! These delicious donuts give me a first taste of how delicious it all comes together!