• Stargazing!

    At Sea in the South Pacific…tonight’s viewing wasn’t a Hollywood movie nor some big Broadway like musical…rather the galaxies above providing us with the most magical show!

    The captain allowed us the best viewing conditions for stargazing by turning off all the exterior lights of the ship as we sailed late in the night! The ship’s resident authority on astronomy then hosted us on the pitch black top deck to acquaint us with the stars and planets above. She explained how our vantage point in the South Pacific was ideal.

    The constellations were there laid out in front of us…she pointed out Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and many others twinkling down on us! A few shooting stars fell and had everyone gasping with childlike excitement!

    It was as if we were in some high tech Planetarium…the dark sky appeared like a dome around us illuminated by a confetti of tiny lights! As I stood there looking up at this magnificent sight, I could feel a collective awe at the show we all were craning our necks to watch! I wish I could photograph this spectacular display…

    Once again, nature provides the best special effects that any show can dazzle us with! This is another one of those special moments that this trip will have me cherishing!