• An Affair to Remember!

    Mykonos, Greece…it was a matter of time before the romance of the Greek islands got me! Yup, I met someone and having a lustful fling! I guess this is part of the journey…but when did I get so romantic?Is it the salt air? “Opah”! Cheers to Greece and the swarthy man that is making my time here even that much more memorable!

    It’s hard not to feel sexy here! But walking around holding hands, PDAs allover town, letting him spend the night, and breakfast on the patio with that incomparable view are not frequent activities for me. Wow, it’s a fun change!

    To top it off, I broke down and shared his motor bike…off we went with me in back letting him drive us to the beach for a day of frolicking in the water…It looks like a scene from a Fellini movie with me being scooted around on his bike…I am feeling so carefree I even forego a helmut in order to look cute! I know, no judgements necessary…

    On this trip’s road to self discovery, many lessons have already taken hold…but right now I am learning that it’s fun sometimes to let it all go, indulge in fantasy, release your inhibitions, and trust someone else to lead you a different way. Even if its only for a moment, I want to soak it all in and see a different side of my Gemini self emerge!