• Viva Old & New!

    Seville, Spain…today I set out from our port of Cadiz to the beautiful city of Seville. Renfe trains are modern and clean and the ride was easy and comfortable.
    I am awestruck by the juxtaposition of modern futuristic architecture amongst buildings centuries old. Cutting edge work such as the spectacular Metropol Parasol (the world’s largest wooden structure) built so amazingly like a waffle in the sky to the Alamillo Bridge are set amongst the Cathedral of Sevilla housing the tomb of Christopher Columbus and the royal residence, Alcazar, built in the 10th Century by Muslim Kings.

    I am totally inspired by how seamlessly it all works together. I realize this is a great idea for fashion. People refer to style that is futuristic or weird as “Avant Garde”, but by mixing it together with classic or traditional pieces it really is not so weird or “out there”, rather it pays respect to the past and speaks to the need for the future!

    I suggest walking from Parasol to the Cathedral as the stroll through winding narrow cobblestone lanes allowed me to stumble across tiny shops selling the most amazing handmade scarves, jewelry, and couture gowns all made by Spanish artisans!

    Viva Espana and congrats on your big soccer win last night over Italy…you can feel the country’s pride everywhere today!20120702-141746.jpg20120702-141803.jpg20120702-141855.jpg