• Becoming a Beach-a-Holic!

    Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece…getting around this island can be a bit of a chore! Most visitors rent scooters or 4 wheelers, but I think after my last outing on these, I’ll continue to pass on that idea! The roads wind and slope and as much as I want to do it, my inner voice is saying “No way!” Plus, you hear horror stories of vacationers getting really hurt on the treacherous dirt and stone roads… So I shared a taxi with others from my hotel to Platys Gialos, where I could hop a boat to Super Paradise for the day. I think I am off to a late start at 1 pm, but not here! Everyone sleeps in and gets to the beach around 3ish…the taxi boat makes stops at Paraga, Paradise, and then arrives at today’s heaven. There is no schedule and it leaves whenever the cantankerous skipper wants to. Remember, no rush…you are now on Greek time!

    Settling under my rented straw umbrella, I take it all in. How much more gorgeousness can I take? Beautiful bodies and sexy faces everywhere clad in the skimpiest attire! I look ridiculous in my staple black Banana Republic v neck tee…I don’t own anything that comes close to what I am seeing, and most likely no one would appreciate me trying to pull off the look! I thought my new Club Monaco 70’s inspired short-short swim trunks were cute! Forget it! Its not about fashion here, sexiness rules; you either have it or you don’t! Men and women all wear the same: the skimpiest bikini bottom and no top accessorized with the only fashion statement: designer sunglasses!

    As the day goes on, more and more arrive and the 5:30 beach party gets into full swing…by the end of the day you know who are really islanders, as by then all the cruise day trippers have returned to their boats in port.

    The water is to-die-for! Clear and cool, it deepens quickly and you never want to get out…there is a lovely breeze to keep things cooled, but that can fool you about the sun’s intensity!

    Life’s concerns have melted away…my biggest worry is to make sure I don’t miss the water taxi back! Thankfully the lifeguard blows his whistle every time a taxi boat approaches, so I should be ok!