• Time Sensitive!

    Mykonos, Greece…Paradise in the Cyclades! I am so excited to be back on land and on the Aegean island of Mykonos…

    I am relaxing at a cafe enjoying the black olive paste on fresh semolina bread the affable Greek fellow served me and I am thinking how lucky I am to be here again! Some people only dream of coming here and seeing such an iconic place… I am here returning for my third visit.

    Unfortunately, my last visit was less than stellar, so I need to make up for it! On that trip, I came with friends in late September and the town was literally closing down around us; the magic of the island had fizzled for the season and the appeal I once loved was totally lost!

    Being at the right place at the right time is so important and can make or break any of life’s experiences…Travel & Fashion both rely on timing…you can be too early and nothing is worse than being too late…I think I got it right this time and I am ready to redeem Mykonos’ magic!