• Lost in Space!

    Today is a big WOW! I am strolling thru what looks like Mars or some sci-fi set for a futuristic movie feeling like somehow I have been transported into OuterSpace. I am not lost, rather I found the nirvana of modern and forward thinking architecture in of all places, Valencia, Spain!

    I am walking around having to pick my jaw off the floor at every turn…I am at the site of Ciudad De Las Artes Y Las Ciencias (the city of arts & sciences) not far from the old town center of Valencia. Museums can be boring, but not here!
    Creativity is king…we can do anything with imagination. Spain is a testament to this and this country has sparked so much inspiration with it’s blend of old & new! This is beyond sightseeing, this is a religious experience for anyone creative or anyone who appreciates creativity.

    Architecture so perfect and symmetrical yet like nothing you have ever seen! Whitewashed and glowing under the intense sun, there is something to see at every angle.

    Rent a bike and enjoy a ride around this amazing complex labryinth of curves and angles. Duck under arches and pillars and test some of the acoustic wonders this place holds!

    I loved the kids playing in inflatable balls in one of the lagoons.

    Valencia is the birth place of Paella, but I will remember this place for opening my eyes to so many design possibilities!









  • Playing the markets!

    My first stop in any city, no matter where in the world, is the local market. Anyone who has travelled with me has experienced this pilgrimage! It’s not about food (though I love sampling food of any kind!), it’s about soaking in the local flavor…the regional delicacies,the aromas, and seeing how residents live.

    Today I am in Valencia,Spain and my first stop is Mercat Central (Central Market)! I just love it!
    Local women shopping for today’s meals, men sipping strong coffee, vendors hawking local finds, and tourists alike in this gorgeous Gothic style market. The home to the famous orange, there is so much more to see, hear, and smell here…

    You can get no better sense of a place than spending a morning in the local market.