• A Cultural Ceremony!

    Tokyo, Japan…a short walk from the hotel in Shinjuku and a world away we found the Meiji Shrine.

    Tucked away in a wooded and peaceful park, this sight is the spot for traditional Shinto weddings!

    As we walked around, one wedding procession after another made their way through the grounds…a dull drum beat and the slow walk of the bridal party was shaded by traditional red Japanese umbrellas!

    Each bride was resplendent in different kimonos and unique by wearing different styles of tsunokakushi (head piece).

    Absolutely beautiful, this ancient tradition and ceremony was so cool to witness!






  • Here comes the Bride!

    Budapest, Hungary…sights seen, goulash tasted, nightlife sampled!

    I was just enjoying some time strolling in the sun when I stumbled across a beautiful pastel colored church. It looked as if it were constructed from confectioner’s sugar…I sat outside and suddenly a wedding party arrived!

    It was Saturday early evening and a crowd formed for the impending nuptials…my curiosity took hold and I stayed to watch the festivities!

    The fashion was over the top! Slits up to here, glitter and bling, and skin for days…this pretty little church was suddenly bedazzled! Obviously, style here is a bit different…more obvious and flamboyant! Women evoked the vibe of a stripper or a drag queen…and all the various unique hair colors just topped it all off! What was going on?But as revealing as the outfits were, no exposed shoulders in church; demure shawls and boleros were out in force, even the bride wore a shawl over her strapless dress.

    Regardless of what I would consider a series of fashion don’ts, it became clear this was a special moment in a fairytale setting…balloons were ready to be set free to celebrate the marriage in addition to throwing rice.

    Being part of this couple’s special day, even if only as a gawker, is another once in a lifetime moment that a journey like this can only bring! I am lucky enough to be able to bank a fortune of priceless moments like this so far this trip…