Drunk on Sangria & Design!

Barcelona…I am mesmerized by the beauty all around. Gaudi’s influence is allover this town! La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Casa Batllo. What struck me over and over today was how accessible smart design is in this Catalan city! It’s all around…modern and chic, yet not so high minded that it escapes most people! Buildings, fountains, and wide boulevards made to stroll, Barcelona is stimulating my creativity at every turn. I wandered past all my favorite designer haunts on Passeig de Garcia and the store Vincon surprised me most…I wanted everything in the store for my home: the perfectly curated collection from Vitra, the fun pops of color from the Pantone collection, even the outdoor decor I can’t get out of my mind! This must be Spain’s hipster IKEA!





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