• Getting Lucky!?!

    En route to Athens!

    I didn’t realize today was Friday the 13th and I am flying on what is considered an unlucky day! I wonder why we consider this day unlucky?

    In Europe, they don’t have this superstition…maybe I’ll be ok!
    It seems 13 is following me this trip or has some hidden meaning that I am yet to find out; in Barcelona, I was in room 13, now I am flying on Friday the 13th, and the hotel I was just in had 13 in the address…

    Putting the date out of my mind, I am sitting in the Barcelona airport and enjoying people watching and fashion critiquing! It’s amazing how fashion is so universal. Certain clothing trends just click worldwide..this is the summer of NEON everything,TOM’s shoes, guys wearing slouchy tanks, and everyone in colored skinny shorts/pants…definitely less fedora hats, cargo shorts, and maxi dresses that are suddenly seeming so last year! It’s like the 80’s really made a comeback minus the shoulder pads. My youth re-lived! I do love how European guys really embrace fashion and make it seem so effortless…

    Well off I go, hoping for continued good luck!


  • Running to the Bulls!

    I arrived back in Barcelona and I must admit I am officially out of my element! No concierge, No guidebook, Nada! Today I am heading to Pamplona to watch the infamous running of the bulls (I don’t plan to get chased by them).

    I couldn’t be more excited, but I am gonna need a huge dose of positive travel karma in order to get me there! No chauffeur or red carpet treatment on this trip…this journey to see an event I have dreamed of experiencing is becoming daunting, even for an experienced traveller like myself. The trains are all full, the hotels are all full, and most of the viewing spots along the run are taken!

    I have learned that staying strong and not giving up is key when traveling…ask, do not be shy, try every angle, and most importantly forge on!

    I am not nearly as calm as sound, I was swearing up and down that confusing Barcelona Sants train station going from window to window until I figured out a way to get to Pamplona. The Catalan language is so hard to understand and finding an English speaker is very elusive! So here I go; I believe I found a 1 star hostel (yikes!), I am taking a train to Zaragoza and hopefully a bus onwards from there, and I think I even secured a tiny spot on a miniature balcony overlooking the running of the bulls.

    Pamplona here I come…I think I already stared down a few bulls in my effort to get there and not sure what the rest of the route will hold! I may just be fool hardy enough to put on all white, tie on a red neck scarf, and run with those damn bulls if I am lucky enough to ever get there!

    Here I go…20120706-150235.jpg20120706-150317.jpg

  • Drunk on Sangria & Design!

    Barcelona…I am mesmerized by the beauty all around. Gaudi’s influence is allover this town! La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and Casa Batllo. What struck me over and over today was how accessible smart design is in this Catalan city! It’s all around…modern and chic, yet not so high minded that it escapes most people! Buildings, fountains, and wide boulevards made to stroll, Barcelona is stimulating my creativity at every turn. I wandered past all my favorite designer haunts on Passeig de Garcia and the store Vincon surprised me most…I wanted everything in the store for my home: the perfectly curated collection from Vitra, the fun pops of color from the Pantone collection, even the outdoor decor I can’t get out of my mind! This must be Spain’s hipster IKEA!