Am I in Camelot?

Dubrovnik,Croatia…this walled city is a trip back in time. Pulling into the small harbor, the city walls greeted our little tender boat. Passing through the arches into what looks like the home of the knights of the round table, tourists were swarming everywhere. The walled old town was fully abuzz as the sun heats up the already slippery stones that make up all the streets. My flip flops were not the best choice of footwear for this terrain, at times feeling as if I was ice skating on a marble slab.

This is a beautiful place with a charm uniquely it’s own. Renaissance arches, terra-cotta roofs, and medieval clock towers rise above narrow passageways holding restaurants, jewelry stores, churches, and a fascinating open air market.

Walking thru a random tiny doorway in the wall and you find yourself overlooking the blue seas and roof tops at the same time. An oasis from the heat is the cobalt seas…a makeshift diving platform is there for the courageous to dive right in! I dangled my feet into the cool waters but decided to set out on a stroll atop the wall!

A long walkway following the periphery of this old city, the wall provides no relief from the sun…I didn’t make it to far before I turned around to retreat to a shaded cafe for a cold drink! Ahhhh….

The beach to go to is a short boat ride from town…on the island of Lokrum. I think I got my fill of Vitamin D for today and will just enjoy watching the world go by in a spot that time seems to have forgot.






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