• The Climb to the Top!

    Sibenik, Croatia…the weather is not cooperating again today…a cloudy sky greeted our arrival into this spot on the Dalmatian Coast. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I knew there was no way that Croatia could top last week’s visit to stunning Hvar,which I am still enamored with and must plan a return to soon!

    This is a walled city built upwards toward a fortress high above its harbor. The old town was another stone maze, but this time winding upwards with a series of exhausting slippery stone steps! I wasn’t ready for a major climb but I took on a mini challenge and managed to navigate a bit of the way up through the old city.

    The centerpiece of town is the Cathedral of St James, a UNESCO world heritage site. Built entirely of marble slabs minus any mortar, this church built in the 15th century defies architectural logic.

    I am not a die hard sight-seer or typical tourist, I much rather soak up the vibe of a locale. Being Sunday, much was closed and there wasn’t a lot to do but it was not a “chill at the beach” kind of day! Most of the seaside swimming spots are located a short drive outside of Sibenik and the national park Krka with its waterfalls are about 20km away…

    So like the hundreds of cats that I witnessed wandering these cavernous passageways, I too spent the afternoon roaming aimlessly all the while embracing the simplicity of life in a spot I doubt I will ever revisit!







  • Pleasure Principle!

    Hvar, Croatia…I may have found Nirvana! A gorgeous Mediterranean town surrounded by crystal clear Adriatic waters. Boats, water taxis, and yachts line the harbor and the cobblestone passageways are littered with beautiful young people vacationing from Sweden, Norway, Holland and beyond…gorgeous friendly blondes tanned by the hot sun, all hanging out on boats and rocky beaches looking to have the time of their lives! I see a sailboat rocking to the music as these model-esque beauties line the deck in the latest beach wear! This place exudes the jet set lifestyle of the Cote d’Azure or Capri but at real people prices.

    The entire area is filled with archipelagos with amazing swimming spots…mostly rocky surfaced but yet picturesque. Small speedboats are easy to rent for the day for under $100 to take you from cove to cove for an afternoon of swimming or simple taxi boats offer their services every 20 minutes.

    I found a beautiful St. Tropez style beach club within walking distance to town called “Bonj les Bains”… Stunning is the only word to describe this cabana laden club built into the hillside. The chicest platforms are suspended over the clear water outfitted with shaded lounging beds and bottles of champagne resting in buckets of ice!

    Relaxing here, I can see the coves in the distance full of yachts and boats with swimmers enjoying the Adriatic! I am asking myself, Why haven’t I come here before?







  • Am I in Camelot?

    Dubrovnik,Croatia…this walled city is a trip back in time. Pulling into the small harbor, the city walls greeted our little tender boat. Passing through the arches into what looks like the home of the knights of the round table, tourists were swarming everywhere. The walled old town was fully abuzz as the sun heats up the already slippery stones that make up all the streets. My flip flops were not the best choice of footwear for this terrain, at times feeling as if I was ice skating on a marble slab.

    This is a beautiful place with a charm uniquely it’s own. Renaissance arches, terra-cotta roofs, and medieval clock towers rise above narrow passageways holding restaurants, jewelry stores, churches, and a fascinating open air market.

    Walking thru a random tiny doorway in the wall and you find yourself overlooking the blue seas and roof tops at the same time. An oasis from the heat is the cobalt seas…a makeshift diving platform is there for the courageous to dive right in! I dangled my feet into the cool waters but decided to set out on a stroll atop the wall!

    A long walkway following the periphery of this old city, the wall provides no relief from the sun…I didn’t make it to far before I turned around to retreat to a shaded cafe for a cold drink! Ahhhh….

    The beach to go to is a short boat ride from town…on the island of Lokrum. I think I got my fill of Vitamin D for today and will just enjoy watching the world go by in a spot that time seems to have forgot.






  • Ahoy Matey!

    Piraeus, Greece…today I boarded my “yacht” for a two week sailing up the Greek coast onto the Croatian Rivieria and up to Venice and back! I am excited for 2 weeks of utter luxury aboard one of the “Yachts of Seabourn”… I love being able to unpack, relax, and let the captain steer us into gorgeous ports of call along this fabled coastline!

    I am thrilled Nichole flew from NYC to join me…last year we did a magical voyage on the uber upscale Regent Seven Seas Mariner and we were hooked on this style of luxury cruising where everything is included and the vibe is more Four Seasons instead of Sheraton!

    Boarding the 450 passenger Seabourn Odyssey was a breeze (I got a little over anxious and we showed up at the port at 1130 am, only to have to wait till after 12noon for official boarding!) and immediately we noticed the yacht-like vibe and the totally contemporary & modern tone of the ship! Any memories of yesterday’s disastrous bus ride are melting away as the uniformed staff is ready to wait on us from head to toe…

    Generous outdoor lounging areas done up with comfy furniture are perfect for 2 weeks in the Mediterranean! After a great welcome lunch, Nichole was off for a nap and I was ensconced at the aft (rear) pool for an afternoon that Thurston Howell would be jealous of!

    Bon Voyage from port as we await sail-a-way aboard the chic “Odyssey”!