Pleasure Principle!

Hvar, Croatia…I may have found Nirvana! A gorgeous Mediterranean town surrounded by crystal clear Adriatic waters. Boats, water taxis, and yachts line the harbor and the cobblestone passageways are littered with beautiful young people vacationing from Sweden, Norway, Holland and beyond…gorgeous friendly blondes tanned by the hot sun, all hanging out on boats and rocky beaches looking to have the time of their lives! I see a sailboat rocking to the music as these model-esque beauties line the deck in the latest beach wear! This place exudes the jet set lifestyle of the Cote d’Azure or Capri but at real people prices.

The entire area is filled with archipelagos with amazing swimming spots…mostly rocky surfaced but yet picturesque. Small speedboats are easy to rent for the day for under $100 to take you from cove to cove for an afternoon of swimming or simple taxi boats offer their services every 20 minutes.

I found a beautiful St. Tropez style beach club within walking distance to town called “Bonj les Bains”… Stunning is the only word to describe this cabana laden club built into the hillside. The chicest platforms are suspended over the clear water outfitted with shaded lounging beds and bottles of champagne resting in buckets of ice!

Relaxing here, I can see the coves in the distance full of yachts and boats with swimmers enjoying the Adriatic! I am asking myself, Why haven’t I come here before?







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