The Climb to the Top!

Sibenik, Croatia…the weather is not cooperating again today…a cloudy sky greeted our arrival into this spot on the Dalmatian Coast. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I knew there was no way that Croatia could top last week’s visit to stunning Hvar,which I am still enamored with and must plan a return to soon!

This is a walled city built upwards toward a fortress high above its harbor. The old town was another stone maze, but this time winding upwards with a series of exhausting slippery stone steps! I wasn’t ready for a major climb but I took on a mini challenge and managed to navigate a bit of the way up through the old city.

The centerpiece of town is the Cathedral of St James, a UNESCO world heritage site. Built entirely of marble slabs minus any mortar, this church built in the 15th century defies architectural logic.

I am not a die hard sight-seer or typical tourist, I much rather soak up the vibe of a locale. Being Sunday, much was closed and there wasn’t a lot to do but it was not a “chill at the beach” kind of day! Most of the seaside swimming spots are located a short drive outside of Sibenik and the national park Krka with its waterfalls are about 20km away…

So like the hundreds of cats that I witnessed wandering these cavernous passageways, I too spent the afternoon roaming aimlessly all the while embracing the simplicity of life in a spot I doubt I will ever revisit!







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