The Young & Restless!

Nafplion, Greece…the difference a day makes! A relaxed beach day yesterday and today a hopping high energy day on the sand…My destination today is Karathona Beach, a short distance out of town…this is a weekend retreat for Athens residents as it’s only a 90 minute car ride away. The beach has pulsing music blaring, beautiful youthful Greeks playing in and out of the bath-like waters, and lots of posing & looking pretty as they drink and tan the day away!

Backgammon, paddleball, and water-sports galore are on display! The electronica coming from the speakers unmistakably lets you know that you are somewhere in Europe. The rainbow of umbrellas packed tightly together creates a party like atmosphere along this long stretch of sand.

I am trying not to look like too much of a troll as I take it all in! I make sure to keep my staring in check as I seem to have plopped down amongst a 20 year old crowd most likely born in the 90’s! Ouch!! Ohhh, to be young, tan, and without an ounce of fat! (whoops, I never really experienced that…)Today will either make me feel a bit younger & hip or older & leacherous! I am afraid the later of the two may prevail…

In the meantime, I am gonna let myself pulse to the beat and enjoy all the scenery that’s in front of me on full display!







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