• Final Bon Voyage!

    Nafplion, Greece (Nafplio)…before leaving this town for my last night on board my yacht home of the last two weeks, Seabourn Odyssey, I tried to extend my day hanging out in Old Town Nafplio. I wanted to procrastinate packing and facing the reality that this part of my journey was coming to an end and my friend, Nichole was leaving me to go back to reality while I continued on my exploration of the world!

    We shared a great two weeks sailing this magical part of the Mediterranean. I have explored with and without her and she has relished time without her usual deadlines or to-do lists! I have ate way too much and drank myself beyond my usual limits!

    Seabourn provided a beautiful accommodation and worry free yet luxurious way to see places I never would have gotten to on my own.

    Back in town, hanging bougainvillea is draped across the walkways of Nafplio and swung from balcony to balcony…it is a beautiful contrast in comparison to the unusually painted buildings of the old town. Not the usual blue & white I have seen allover Greece, this town challenged conventional beachside color stories with burgundies, russet browns, deep turqs, and ochre yellows and mustards.

    I spent some time talking to a local cobbler and was fascinated by his collection of lasses and forms..I wish I found him earlier in the day so I coulda had a chic pair of Greek custom sandals crafted for me!

    I am not leaving Greece behind yet…tomorrow is hello Mykonos and goodbye to my yacht for now!

  • The Young & Restless!

    Nafplion, Greece…the difference a day makes! A relaxed beach day yesterday and today a hopping high energy day on the sand…My destination today is Karathona Beach, a short distance out of town…this is a weekend retreat for Athens residents as it’s only a 90 minute car ride away. The beach has pulsing music blaring, beautiful youthful Greeks playing in and out of the bath-like waters, and lots of posing & looking pretty as they drink and tan the day away!

    Backgammon, paddleball, and water-sports galore are on display! The electronica coming from the speakers unmistakably lets you know that you are somewhere in Europe. The rainbow of umbrellas packed tightly together creates a party like atmosphere along this long stretch of sand.

    I am trying not to look like too much of a troll as I take it all in! I make sure to keep my staring in check as I seem to have plopped down amongst a 20 year old crowd most likely born in the 90’s! Ouch!! Ohhh, to be young, tan, and without an ounce of fat! (whoops, I never really experienced that…)Today will either make me feel a bit younger & hip or older & leacherous! I am afraid the later of the two may prevail…

    In the meantime, I am gonna let myself pulse to the beat and enjoy all the scenery that’s in front of me on full display!