Pass the Salt!

Wieliczka, Poland…the weather in Krakow is getting me down! Cold, rainy, overcast…it feels like late October! So, a short trip outside of Krakow seemed like a good idea and off we went to the UNESCO heritage site of “Kopalonia Soli Wieliczka”; the salt mines of Wieliczka.

It is probably the silliest thing I have done this trip…it is a recommended sight, but I really never thought of visiting a salt mine! A three hour tour at 135 meters below ground is a bit ambitious, but I thought “what the hell!”…I have now garnered more info than I really ever needed on salt and the history of salt mining!

It is interesting. Additionally, how it was all built is an incredible feat of man made engineering. The underground cathedral carved fully out of salt is an amazing accomplishment and display of artistry. One of the coolest things down below were the beautiful chandeliers made entirely of salt crystals. But, did I need to see this…NO! But I, along with over a million other visitors a year, have done it.

I am praying the weather will get better and I can re-claim summer before it slips through my fingers!





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