Delicious Memories!

Krakow, Poland…well, the weather still won’t cooperate! I see people in sweaters and shearlings, but I refuse to give in; shorts for me! It’s August and it’s cold and dreary…today is a public holiday in Poland as they celebrate the Assumption of Mary and honor their military. More importantly, it’s the start of the famous Pierogi Festival…Polish dumplings of every kind…meat, cheese, fruit, you name it! I am a traditionalist and I prefer classic versions such as potato & cheese (“ruski”) or cabbage (“kapusta”). I may get my fill for a lifetime!

Women dressed in traditional Polish costumes and freshly picked wild flowers decorate the square. People line up to get their Pierogi fix…this is Poland’s treasured food and they celebrate it in a big way! Of course, none can compete with my grandmother’s pierogis; I remember spending all day with her as she prepared them and then I would sneak the potato filling when she wasn’t looking!

The four day fest will last through the weekend and I cannot imagine how many of those hand pinched dumplings will be consumed!

Alot more carbs and a bit of nostalgia here in Poland! I feels as if I am reliving all my favorite food moments of my childhood.






6 thoughts on “Delicious Memories!

  1. Hey, I see a pan of green perogis! And here I thought I invented them myself… along with red ones at Christmas. Must see if we can get to Poland or the Ukraine one of these days 🙂

  2. Omg Pierogi !! I miss them so much. I am orginally from Poland but now I live in Chile and here i cant buy them 😦 ahh you made me hungry 😀

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