Rise to the Top!

Chicago, Illinois…what fun playing tourist in my own hometown! I decided to visit the skyscraper formerly known as the Sears Tower; I get in a taxi and ask to go to the Sears Tower and the driver quickly reminds me it was renamed the Willis Tower years ago! Whoops! It’s now known for it’s suspended glass balconies that extend out over the city from it’s sky deck 103 stories above downtown Chicago!

What a rush getting a 360 degree view over all of Chicago from the former tallest building in the world, now only the tallest building in the Western world.

After a 60 second ear popping ride in the high speed elevator, I arrive at the Sky Deck. Not overly crowded, I am able to indulge easily in the views on this clear day that are totally breathtaking! I make my way to the gravity defying clear balconies…I didn’t think I would be phased, but as I took off my shoes and stepped on the glass I started to feel weak in the knees! It’s freaky to think that this can hold up and make you feel you are standing well over 1200 feet directly above the ground…

I laugh at tourists posing in these clear box-like viewing balconies…but they probably thought I was weird too going in barefoot!

I am on a high literally and figuratively enjoying Chi-Town!







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