• An Elephant of a Ride!

    Bali, Indonesia…after a great start this morning, I joined my friends and we were off to explore this exotic land!

    An elephant ride through the jungle to put us in the Bali mood! These elephants are so cute…they even serenade you with the harmonica at the end of the ride!

    The bumpy walk took us through lush vegetation and then through a small river! I finished off my ride high atop my 24 year old elephant by rewarding her with some bananas that she happily grabbed with her trunk!



  • Bird’s Eye View!

    Melbourne, Australia…this is both a modern city and a vintage town! From above, the skyline looks modern and impressive! It is…but the historical buildings, the trams, and the grand treelined boulevards give this city a rich connection to the past!

    From my initial peak from my airplane window to the gorgeous view out my hotel room, I realize Melbourne is a great city to visit as well as look down on!




  • Aloha!

    Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii…you would never know you are still in the United States! This high rise city set along the most gorgeous ocean front feels more Tokyo than U.S.

    Waikiki is filled with Japanese vacationers and the attractions that appeal to them! I see more Japanese language signs than any other and the lines of high end designer boutiques seem perfect for Japanese consumer appetites!

    The real appeal here is Waikiki Beach that stretches on for miles! I love the views of Diamond Head from Queen’s Beach at the far end. I stroll along the beach and I am totally taken by the ages old banyan trees that line the walk as well as views that spread out in all directions!

    It’s a great combination of man made beauty and nature’s brilliance that makes up this paradise of a city!








  • Rise to the Top!

    Chicago, Illinois…what fun playing tourist in my own hometown! I decided to visit the skyscraper formerly known as the Sears Tower; I get in a taxi and ask to go to the Sears Tower and the driver quickly reminds me it was renamed the Willis Tower years ago! Whoops! It’s now known for it’s suspended glass balconies that extend out over the city from it’s sky deck 103 stories above downtown Chicago!

    What a rush getting a 360 degree view over all of Chicago from the former tallest building in the world, now only the tallest building in the Western world.

    After a 60 second ear popping ride in the high speed elevator, I arrive at the Sky Deck. Not overly crowded, I am able to indulge easily in the views on this clear day that are totally breathtaking! I make my way to the gravity defying clear balconies…I didn’t think I would be phased, but as I took off my shoes and stepped on the glass I started to feel weak in the knees! It’s freaky to think that this can hold up and make you feel you are standing well over 1200 feet directly above the ground…

    I laugh at tourists posing in these clear box-like viewing balconies…but they probably thought I was weird too going in barefoot!

    I am on a high literally and figuratively enjoying Chi-Town!







  • A View for Days!

    Cape Town, South Africa…I have travelled the world and I have never been amazed by a city like this one! It’s blend of stunning natural beauty and cosmopolitan urban cool that is so inviting…the beach, the vistas, and the waterfront set a perfect backdrop for an array of delicious restaurants, a happening night scene, and beautiful fun loving people.

    I treated myself to more of Cape Town’s natural beauty today with a day long trip down the peninsula to Cape Point and back! Stunning cliffs, impressive flora, and mesmerizing sea views could be seen all along the way…

    Starting out in the fishing village of Hout Bay then down to the Cape of Good Hope until finally reaching Cape Point! The point is a lighthouse topped place where two different seas meet…one cold and one warm. This spot at the tip of the peninsula overwhelms you with it’s beauty as well as it’s display of mother nature at her fiercest! The churning seas crashing ashore and the strong gale force winds that almost knock you over give you a sense of the Hell the seas can hold yet the jaw dropping views beyond the horizon seem to give you a glimpse of Heaven!

    What I witnessed today was not made by human engineered nor dreamed up by modern technology…it is one of nature’s great displays of grandeur!

    Sometimes words cannot capture the awesome experience that feeling it with all your senses can!











  • I’m on Top of the World!

    Cape Town, South Africa…I wanted to take advantage of this perfect weather! It’s 65 degrees, clear, and sunny…the epitome of a textbook Spring day. Since I am now in the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed…so back home it is exiting summer, down here it’s slowly heading into summer!

    Table Mountain is the symbol of Cape Town…Nelson Mandela proclaimed this was South Africa’s natural gift to the world! This majestic mountain that is flat on top (hence the name table mountain) is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been…it’s even older than the Himalayas! This mountainside rises above the city and can be seen virtually from everywhere…

    Taking the circular cable car up the steep mountainside is not for the faint of heart! It’s circular shape allows it to go up or comes down while the inside rotates like a “lazy Susan” to offer everyone a 360 degree view. As if going up in this thing isn’t enough, they have to spin you around too?

    Well the top is a photographic dream! Views over all of Cape Town and coast…amazing terrain and foliage cover the top. A walk around this summit is quite easy. I am still pinching myself from the magnificence of the panorama… You feel like you are on top of the world!

    Wow, what a feeling!



  • What a View!

    St. Tropez, France…the way to end a perfect day on the beach is with an enchanting stroll in town along the harbor at dusk…the sleek yachts are pulling in, people are relaxing over cocktails, and the sunset is a sight you won’t soon forget!

    There is something about the light here…it’s magical…it’s hypnotic…you can understand why artists would be drawn to such a place! The fiery orange sky lulls you into a certain state of awe…

    I love this time of day…everyone seems so relaxed! A cone of glacé in hand and a view that I can savor…

    It’s nice to spend some chill time in this town known for it’s wealthy excesses and it’s all night parties! Right now it’s just a calm refuge that is totally beguiling!

    Reality of home seems like a distant memory…boy, will it be shocking when this journey ends!





  • Sunset Farewell!

    Santorini, Greece…a perfect way to end my visit to the Greek islands was with a trip to Oia to see the most stunning sunset! Oia, a tiny town perched high atop the island is a quick jaunt from the main town of Fira.

    Bleach white buildings set amongst blue domed churches and cobbled walkways are clustered in this picturesque location high above the islands harbor. An artist’s dream, the tiny walkways are filled with galleries, shops, and balconied cafes. This is probably the Greece so many picture as this tiny town with the big wow has been the subject of many an artist’s brush and lens. Pure magic!

    Greece has been a great part of this summer’s travels and as I depart tonight from Santorini, it will mark my final visit to Greece this year…thanks Greece for being the star of my journey so far!