Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii…you would never know you are still in the United States! This high rise city set along the most gorgeous ocean front feels more Tokyo than U.S.

Waikiki is filled with Japanese vacationers and the attractions that appeal to them! I see more Japanese language signs than any other and the lines of high end designer boutiques seem perfect for Japanese consumer appetites!

The real appeal here is Waikiki Beach that stretches on for miles! I love the views of Diamond Head from Queen’s Beach at the far end. I stroll along the beach and I am totally taken by the ages old banyan trees that line the walk as well as views that spread out in all directions!

It’s a great combination of man made beauty and nature’s brilliance that makes up this paradise of a city!








2 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. Great fotos Richard. We were there in August and climbed Diamond Head. I recommend to try the climb. Vistas at the top are incredible! We stayed at the Kahala Resort- great Pan Asian restaurant there. Ck out the Trump Hotel- tres chic not gaudy like here- mostly Japanese guests. The Juicy Couture store had Ilaria mohair yarn sweaters in mid August when the temperature was 100 degrees! Enjoy your amazing world tour. Maureen

    • Yea when I was in st tropez you woulda thought it was a blizzard outside…fur & chunky sweaters & leather galore!

      My world tour will be over soon! I’ll be home the day before the election in order to cast my vote!

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