A Market fit for a Queen!

Melbourne, Australia…a tram ride around the center of Melbourne took me to the Queen Victoria Market!

One of the great things about this city is how visitor friendly it is…a FREE circle city tram will take you to all the major sights! So easy that it makes you want to explore all this city has to offer!

The Queen Victoria Market is a historic landmark dating back to 1878! This institution for Melburnians sees more than 200,000 shoppers a week. It is a vibrant trading hub spread over 2 city blocks and houses over 1,000 traders in vast open-sided halls! More than just a food market, sellers have everything on offer here…

Sundays are the liveliest, but I won’t be here then; so, this Tuesday afternoon visit allowed me a great taste of the action!

A local bratwurst along with browsing at all on display gave me another taste of how multi-ethnic and interesting this Australian city is!



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